It is no secret that O’ahu is home to hundreds of scenic hiking trails. Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy trek or a long and strenuous jaunt, O’ahu delivers. No matter where it’s at, when you go or what the weather may forecast, there are a handful of items you will need for any hike. All of the following can effortlessly fit into a light back pack.

SHOES. Closed toe, tight fitting, comfortable shoes with a solid grip are a must. Depending on your hike of choice and your experience, you may consider wearing anything from regular tennis shoes to waterproof boots. A good pair of shoes will help to reduce the risk of falling.

WATER. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate – we need water to survive. Heat exhaustion/stroke are almost directly related to the body’s lack of water. The last thing you want to do is pass out on the top of a mountain. We cannot stress this enough – sure, dehydration may just cause a little dizziness, but it can also cause death.

SUNSCREEN AND REPELLENT. It’s debatable that the two most annoying things in the world are mosquito bites and sunburns. We’d have to agree. The state of Hawai’i is home to lots of sun and a spectrum of bugs. Don’t mess around, keep your skin protected.

TRAVEL SIZE FIRST AID KIT/WHISTLE/LIGHT. We hope you will never need any of these things while hiking in Hawai’i, but it is better to be safe than sorry. All three of these items are inexpensive and easy to squeeze in a back pack.

SNACKS. Snacks serve a few different purposes. Food in general offers an extra boost of energy, and on a hike, this is key. You can bring as little or as much as you want, but I think we can all agree that it’s hard to enjoy a scenic view after a long, hot hike when your stomach is growling. Throw a few energy bars in your back pack and call it good.

What better way to end a hike than with a dip in the ocean? That’s where we come in. Call us today to book a snorkeling session – we can help you experience all that Hawai’i has to offer both in and out of the water. Aloha!

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