Four Fish That You Can Count on Seeing at Your Next Hanauma Bay Visit

Its calm, blue water, white sands and cocktail of sea life make Hanauma Bay the prime Oahu spot for snorkeling. Although you can expect to see about 110 varied species on your underwater excursion, below are four fish that are guaranteed to make an appearance.

The Kikakapu, known as the Threadfin Butterflyfish, is first on our list. With a black and white body and bright yellow fins, it’s hard to miss in the ocean’s light blue backdrop. Most Kikakapu run about 9 inches long and are seen in ocean depths that run from 1 to 115 feet.

The Na`ena`e comes in a close second. The Na`ena`e, or Orangeband Surgeonfish, is an oval-shaped and brightly colored fish that tends to linger near tropical reefs like our very own Hanauma. These surgeonfish reach lengths from 6 inches to 15.

Kihikihi or Moorish Idol is another brightly colored fish that you are sure to spot. The distinctive appearance, similar to that of an angel fish, has a protruding snout and small fins. Kihikihi prefer shallow waters and flat reefs.

Lastly we have the Ta`ape, otherwise known as the Blueline Snapper. The color of this fish is its most diagnostic feature. Especially when spotted in the ocean, the back and sides of the fish are a bright, almost fluorescent, yellow. They tend to travel in large schools and in shallow waters.

The list of underwater life you are sure to see at Hanauma Bay goes on and on. It’s just another reason why we have the best job in the world. We get to help people discover and experience the beauty that lies under the sea. Give us a call to book your excursion, complete with gear and transportation today!